Internal Complaint Committee

Internal Complaint Committee 
                                                                                                                       Internal Compliant Cell
In addition to Grievance Redressal Cell College also has an Internal Compliant Cell that is abode to sort out any kind of complaints related to Internal working and any issue whether related to students, their studies, faculty -teaching and non teaching, any mutual misunderstandings that affect their  working in  the institution. Here are the functions and working of the committee, outlined point-wise:

1. Resolving Complaints: The committee is responsible for addressing and resolving complaints related to various aspects of college life, including students, faculty, and staff. It provides a platform for individuals to voice their grievances and concerns.
2. Internal Matters: The committee handles complaints concerning the internal workings of the college, such as issues related to academics, administrative processes, interpersonal conflicts, and any other matters that affect the functioning of the institution.
3. Emotional Support: The committee promotes emotional equilibrium by offering support and counseling services to students and faculty. It aims to create a supportive atmosphere that fosters personal growth and well-being.
4. Timely Resolution: All issues and complaints brought before the committee are dealt with promptly and efficiently. The committee strives to ensure that no complaint remains unresolved, addressing each matter with due diligence and sensitivity.
5. Committee Structure: The Internal Complaint Committee consists of an in-charge, appointed by the college administration, who leads the committee members in carrying out their duties. These members work diligently to maintain a congenial and harmonious environment within the institution.
6. Guidance of Head of the Institution: The committee operates under the guidance and supervision of the Head of the Institution, who provides necessary direction and support. The Head ensures that the committee functions effectively and fulfills its objectives.
7. Confidentiality: The committee maintains strict confidentiality with respect to all complaints and issues brought before it. It ensures that the privacy and dignity of the individuals involved are protected throughout the complaint resolution process.
   In conclusion, the Internal Complaint Committee of Government College Amargarh serves as a vital entity in addressing and resolving various internal matters within the institution. By providing a platform for complaint redressal, offering emotional support, and maintaining a confidential and efficient process, the committee contributes to creating a conducive and harmonious environment for all members of the college community. 
Name Designation Designation In Cell Contact Number
Dr. Tejinder Singh Assistant Professor Convener 9463865712
Dr. Amandeep Vatish Assistant Professor Member 9465400040
Sonia Gakhar  Assistant Professor Member 9255958531


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