Statutory Cells

Anti-Ragging Cell

                                                                                                                         Anti - Ragging  Cell

The Anti-Ragging Cell at Government College Amargarh plays a crucial role in maintaining a safe and healthy environment for students. Given underneath are functions and working procedures of the cell:

1. Prevention and Awareness: The cell works diligently to prevent incidents of ragging by sensitizing the students about the negative consequences of such activities. It organizes orientation programs at the beginning of each academic year, highlighting the college's strict anti-ragging policy and proper guidelines have been constituted for dealing with such incidents.

2. Complaint Registration: The cell ensures a systematic approach to address any ragging-related complaints. It maintains a dedicated complaint registration system whereby students can report incidents anonymously. The cell treats all complaints with confidentiality and utmost seriousness.

3. Investigation and Action: Upon receiving a complaint, the cell initiates a thorough investigation to gather evidence and identify the culprits involved in ragging incidents. It conducts interrogations, collects witness statements, and reviews any available CCTV footage wherever possible. Once the investigation is complete, appropriate action is taken against the guilty students as per the guidelines of the institution. 

4. Counseling and Support: The Anti-Ragging Cell offers counseling and support services to the victims of ragging. Trained professionals provide psychological assistance to help them overcome any trauma or emotional distress caused by the incident. They also guide the victims on the available legal recourse if required.

5. Awareness Campaigns: The cell organizes regular awareness campaigns, seminars, and workshops to sensitize students, faculty, and staff about the detrimental effects of ragging. These events aim to create a positive and inclusive college atmosphere that discourages any form of harassment or intimidation.

6. Collaboration with Authorities: The Anti-Ragging Cell works closely with local law enforcement agencies, college management, and other relevant authorities to ensure effective implementation of anti-ragging policies. They maintain open communication channels to address any immediate concerns or emergencies related to ragging incidents.

7. Periodic Monitoring: The cell conducts periodic monitoring and evaluation of the college premises to identify any potential hotspots or areas where ragging activities may occur. They maintain a vigilant approach to prevent ragging incidents proactively.

    Overall, the Anti-Ragging Cell at Government College Amargarh is committed to creating a safe and secure environment for all students.  preventive measures are taken to avoid ragging on campus at all costs. Prompt action is initiated against the complaints if any. Counseling support and awareness campaigns are consistently held to eradicate ragging and foster a culture of mutual respect and harmony within the college campus.
The best team of selected faculty members is working under the guidance of Dr. Tejinder Singh as a convener.
Sr. no. Name Designation  Designation in cell Contact Number
1 Dr. Tejinder Singh Asst. Professor  Convener 9463865712
2 Dr. Amandeep  Vatish Asst. Professor  Member 9465400040
3 Dr. Parminder Kaur

Asst. Professor  Member 9216184118
4 Najma Parveen Asst. Professor  Member 7814766399



Grievance Redressal Cell

 Grievance Redressal Cell
 The Grievance Redressal Committee of Government College Amargarh  is an integral part of the institution, dedicated to ensuring a fair and transparent resolution process for any grievances raised by students, staff or other stakeholders. Comprising a team of experienced and impartial members, the committee serves as a platform for individuals to voice their concerns, complaints or issues pertaining to various aspects of college life. Its primary objective is to provide a conducive environment for learning and growth while addressing grievances promptly and effectively. The committee follows a systematic approach, encouraging individuals to submit their grievances in writing, which are then thoroughly reviewed, investigated, and resolved through appropriate measures. Through its proactive efforts and commitment to justice, the Grievance Redressal Committee of Government College Amargarh plays a crucial role in fostering a harmonious and inclusive educational community.
     This cell considers all issues falling under the jurisdiction of the college authorities. It efficiently handles administration-related concerns, following a secular approach that disregards considerations of gender caste, creed, religion, and social class. Both verbal and written complaints are redressed within the purview of this cell. The cell is comprised by a convener and other committee members. Meetings are held regularly on a monthly basis or whenever there is an urgent matter at hand. The cell is directed to resolve complaints promptly, ensuring that no issues remain unresolved. It operates swiftly and efficiently, dealing with admission and discipline-related matters as well. The cell operates under the guidance of the Head of the Institution, and no proceedings are conducted without the prior knowledge of the institution's head. Confidentiality is maintained under all circumstances on top priority basis. Students with any issues regarding discipline, admission or otherwise are directed to approach:
Sr. no. Name Designation  Designation in cell Contact Number
1. Dr. Tejinder Singh Asst. Professor  Convener 9463865712
2. Dr. Amandeep  Vatish Asst. Professor  Member 9465400040
3. Dr. Parminder Kaur Asst. Professor  Member 9216184118
4. Najma Parveen Asst. Professor  Member 7814766399
5. Ranjeet Kaur Student Member  


Women Welfare, Prevention of Sexual Harrasment and Gender Violation Cell

                                              Women Welfare Prevention of Sexual Harassment  and Gender Violation Cell

As per the judgements and guidelines pronounced by the Honourable Supreme Court and the directions of the University Grants Commission (UGC) for the enforcement of basic human rights, equality, and a safe campus, the college has established an Anti-Sexual Harassment Cell  ( Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace - Prevention, Prohibition, and Redressal Act,2013, Chapter -II, Section 4 under Internal complaint Committee) for the prevention of harassment of women and to uphold the dignity of all. 

The cell plays a proactive role in foregrounding gender equality, promoting equal opportunities, and creating an environment free from harassment, discrimination, intimidation, and any kind of abuse. Any student found guilty will face strict punitive action by being suspended from the college and his admission cancelled.

Name Designation Designation In Cell Contact Number
Ramandeep Kaur Assistant Professor Convener  
Najma Parveen Assistant Professor Member  
Parminder Kaur Assistant Professor Member  



Caste-based Discrimination Redressal Cell

                                                                                                           SC/SC/BC Welfare  Cell
The Committee for SC/ST of Government College Amargarh is dedicated to promoting the welfare and safeguarding the rights of students belonging to the SC/ST communities. The committee is dedicated to resolving grievances and concerns faced by SC/ST students, with the aim of uplifting and boosting their morale. The committee is comprised by a convener and other committee members who work in coordination to foster a congenial and friendly environment within the institution. One of the key responsibilities of the committee is to ensure that eligible students avail fee concessions and SC/ST scholarship schemes. They provide guidance to students regarding the necessary documents required for applying for scholarships on the Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Portal. The committee operates under the guidance and support of the Head of the Institution, adhering to the latest guidelines issued by the SC/ST Commission. Their efforts are focused on ensuring equal opportunities and support for SC/ST students in accordance with the established protocols.

Here are the functions of the committee, outlined point-wise, particularly focusing on scholarships and the protection of the SC/ST Act:

1. Scholarships: The committee ensures that eligible students from SC/ST backgrounds have access to scholarships and financial assistance. It provides guidance and support in the application process, assists students in understanding the eligibility criteria, and helps them avail the benefits of various government-sponsored scholarship schemes.

2. Awareness and Guidance: The committee plays a crucial role in creating awareness among SC/ST students about available scholarships, grants, and other financial aids. It conducts informative sessions and workshops to educate students about the opportunities they can avail themselves of to support their academic pursuits.

3. Facilitating Applications: The committee assists SC/ST students in filling out scholarship application forms accurately and thoroughly. It ensures that all necessary documents and supporting materials are submitted in a timely manner to maximize the chances of securing scholarships.

4. Support and Counseling: The committee provides emotional and academic support to SC/ST students, helping them navigate any challenges they may face in their educational journey. It offers counseling services, mentorship, and guidance to ensure their overall well-being and success.

5. Protection of SC/ST Act: The committee is responsible for creating awareness about the rights and protections guaranteed by the SC/ST (Prevention of Atrocities) Act. It educates students on their rights and assists them in reporting any instances of discrimination, harassment or atrocities they may encounter within the college or elsewhere.

6. Grievance Redressal: The committee addresses grievances and complaints raised by SC/ST students, ensuring their concerns are heard and resolved promptly. It acts as a liaison between the students and the college administration, advocating for their rights and providing a platform for them to voice their grievances.

7. Sensitization Programs: The committee conducts sensitization programs for the college community, promoting understanding, respect, and inclusion of SC/ST students. It organizes workshops, seminars, and awareness campaigns to foster a harmonious and inclusive environment within the college.

   The Committee for SC/ST of Government College Amargarh plays a vital role in supporting SC/ST students, advocating for their rights, and ensuring they have equal access to educational opportunities. Through its dedicated efforts, it strives to create an inclusive and empowering atmosphere where every student can thrive and succeed.

SC/ST/ BC welfare cell:

Name Designation Designation In Cell Contact Number
Ramandeep Kaur Assistant Professor Convener 7087699029
Deepika Jindal Assistant Professor Member 9872888916
Parminder Kaur Assistant Professor Member 9216184118


Internal Complaint Committee

Internal Complaint Committee 
                                                                                                                       Internal Compliant Cell
In addition to Grievance Redressal Cell College also has an Internal Compliant Cell that is abode to sort out any kind of complaints related to Internal working and any issue whether related to students, their studies, faculty -teaching and non teaching, any mutual misunderstandings that affect their  working in  the institution. Here are the functions and working of the committee, outlined point-wise:

1. Resolving Complaints: The committee is responsible for addressing and resolving complaints related to various aspects of college life, including students, faculty, and staff. It provides a platform for individuals to voice their grievances and concerns.
2. Internal Matters: The committee handles complaints concerning the internal workings of the college, such as issues related to academics, administrative processes, interpersonal conflicts, and any other matters that affect the functioning of the institution.
3. Emotional Support: The committee promotes emotional equilibrium by offering support and counseling services to students and faculty. It aims to create a supportive atmosphere that fosters personal growth and well-being.
4. Timely Resolution: All issues and complaints brought before the committee are dealt with promptly and efficiently. The committee strives to ensure that no complaint remains unresolved, addressing each matter with due diligence and sensitivity.
5. Committee Structure: The Internal Complaint Committee consists of an in-charge, appointed by the college administration, who leads the committee members in carrying out their duties. These members work diligently to maintain a congenial and harmonious environment within the institution.
6. Guidance of Head of the Institution: The committee operates under the guidance and supervision of the Head of the Institution, who provides necessary direction and support. The Head ensures that the committee functions effectively and fulfills its objectives.
7. Confidentiality: The committee maintains strict confidentiality with respect to all complaints and issues brought before it. It ensures that the privacy and dignity of the individuals involved are protected throughout the complaint resolution process.
   In conclusion, the Internal Complaint Committee of Government College Amargarh serves as a vital entity in addressing and resolving various internal matters within the institution. By providing a platform for complaint redressal, offering emotional support, and maintaining a confidential and efficient process, the committee contributes to creating a conducive and harmonious environment for all members of the college community. 
Name Designation Designation In Cell Contact Number
Dr. Tejinder Singh Assistant Professor Convener 9463865712
Dr. Amandeep Vatish Assistant Professor Member 9465400040
Sonia Gakhar  Assistant Professor Member 9255958531


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